Our Story

The name Jackson Rowe was created from the marriage of Julia's grandparents' names, Jack and Rose.

Their love story was the inspiration behind the brand from the beginning, and their passion for both love and family are what continue to drive us to do what we do, everyday.

Jackson Rowe was founded in 2012 by our Creative Director, Julia Lefeaux. It all started in her downtown Vancouver apartment, where she sold her boho-inspired scarves, trying to scrape enough cash together to pay her rent.
As she expanded her collection, her hard work and determination eventually paid off, as she quickly discovered her carefree bohemian aesthetic appealed to a wide audience.

Fast forward to today

Jackson Rowe is a company comprising a small team, with hundreds of wholesale accounts across Canada and the United States.

At Jackson Rowe, we want to outfit your life and feel confident that our products are made with purpose, thought, and care.

Every item in our collection is beyond apparel - it is about quality and craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit. We believe in creating clothing that feels like a moment in time, like a happy memory you won't soon forget.

We strive to create a better world by using sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing, and our amazing customers are what continue to inspire us every day.

The Team

From a one-woman show, this has been the greatest part of the journey. In a short time, we've grown to a team of 9 inspiring people, each bringing unique talents to the team.

My favorite part is seeing how far the brand has come - from my first collection of scarves, and now taking the collection and brand further than I would have ever imagined. And I truly thank our team for this.

Coming into the office everyday is so motivating for me, I love being around such like-minded people. Together, it pushes us to do more, be more and be better for you, our customers.

- xo Julia

We asked the team what is their favorite thing about working for Jackson Rowe?...

"My favourite thing about working for Jackson Rowe is the amazing team that I get to be a part of! It’s so inspiring to come into work everyday surrounded by such hard-working, creative, passionate people. I can't wait to see where the future of Jackson Rowe takes us!"


Social Media + Marketing

“Aside from the obvious that I love all Jackson Rowe clothing- I absolutely love the people I work with! We all share the same vision, but everyone brings such different strengths to the table to make for such a cohesiveness team.”

Jenn B.


"I feel so lucky to work with this group of amazing peeps that continually inspire me each and every day. One of my favourite parts of this job is helping women find the right fit in our clothing, ensuring they feel both comfortable and beautiful!"

Jenn C.

Customer Care